Old Navy Survey

From the very beginning, Old Navy has considered the opinions of its valued customers about its products and services as an ultimate source of guidance. This is to provide continuously improved brands and to be always a step ahead than the expectation of its customers. Continuing the tradition, the company is seeking the viewpoint of its customers through a survey which is conducted on www.survey4on.com

Who participates in the survey?

For participation you must have a receipt of last shopping from the Old Navy with you. There is a series of easy questions which take about 10 to 12 minutes to complete. Old Navy values the precious time its customers spend to give an honest viewpoint about the company’s products and services. As a gesture of appreciation and thanks, Old Navy offers up to 10% discount on your next shopping from one of your selected Old Navy outlets.

How to fill Form

The process is very simple. You will just need a computer and an internet connection to access the questionnaire form. The procedure of participating and filling the form is given as under.

  • You will log on to survey4on.com on your PC browser.
    www.Survey4ON.com survey

  • Select your preferred language (survey4on gives you the facility to choose between English and French) in which you will be asked questions.
  • The form will ask you to enter the 5 digit code on the receipt of your last purchase, just enter the digits in the allocated space and follow the instructions.
  • After answering to a series of some easy questions regarding the Old Navy products and services, you will receive a validation code. Using the given code you will be able to receive 10% discount on any item bought on any of your chosen Old Navy outlet. Note that number and log out from www.survey4on.com